Thomas R. Pratt Architect
Thomas R. Pratt Architect is an Architecture Design Firm that consistently listens so we can
add value to our designs through visionary solutions, saving opportunities and serving as an
advocate for our client.  Projects include renovations, additions and new buildings for

  • K-12 School Facilities
  • College and University Facilities
  • Corporate Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Residential Design

We approach our designs through a diagnostic procedure that will economize on time and
provide a rational for our design solutions.  The process includes administration and staff
input, regulations and our experience with similar facilities.

Our clients have been impressed with our caring for the project, vision for its design process
and our ownership attitude to see projects to completion as well as provide assistance beyond

For us it is not enough to design projects.  We select our projects with Clients that want an
Architect who adds value by caring about the design process, the building and ultimate
usage.  Our success comes from listening to our Clients so we can research issues, think "out
of the box", and strategically think as an advocate.  Each project receives a commitment to
providing an effective and efficient process.  As lifetime resident of New York, I am interested
in facilities that work now and into the future.
Thomas R. Pratt Architect, PC
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